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Tagalog or Filipino is the official language of the Philippines followed by English. In this page, I will share with you some techniques on how to learn the language easily.

tagalog for travel reasons

Traveling to the Philippines might be one of your most exciting journey especially on summer time. You are bound to meet friendly people who you can easily communicate in Tagalog or English. For this reason, you might want to expand your language skills by learning Tagalog.


If you are an investor or someone looking to invest in the Philippines, you might as well learn the basics of Tagalog so you can communicate better with your prospect workers. It will always help you see who are you dealing with when you can understand what they talk when you are not around.


Well maybe you are someone looking to spend time with your significant other or trying to find one in the country. Perhaps learning to communicate in Tagalog will help you get through the initial stages of getting to know each other. There will be certain words and phrases you can use to communicate with your spouse, girlfriend or friends.

Learning is always exciting when the teacher isn’t boring and who understand exactly what you need.


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