Do you want to write your own book? Yes, you can, even if you are not a writer.

90-Day Book Writing Challenge is here!

Writing your own book is probably one of the biggest thing you can do on this quarantine time. You don’t get bored and you learn and earn.

Indeed Covid-19 made tremendous change in the people’s lifestyle. Recently, people are looking for ways to earn income and probably has heard or read a lot about making money online but few succeeded due to the keen competition on finding online jobs. However, if writing is something you fancy and if you are the person who loves words and phrases and not afraid to share your thoughts, then you can make money by writing a book.

Interested? Read on.

Writing a book does not require financial capital if you are keen on collaborating with others. You will learn all these in the coaching link below. The biggest investment you will need is probably your time and commitment to finish your story. Nowadays, many authors have self-published and do well. You can too.

What do you need to get started?

Knowledge is key. So I would suggest you equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can before you start. If you want to make it a commitment, there are shortcut ways to do it, with a mentor that is. Knowing what to write and how to do it will not only save you time but also keep you away from doing the mistakes of a newbie in the writing industry.

Yes, you can write your own book even if you are not a writer. This is what one author tells all the people she met, including me. You only need to have your own ideas and must be willing and have a good reason to share it.

If you are an aspiring author, maybe a teacher who is required to write a book, perhaps someone who just loves to share your ideas to the world or if you own a business and you want to share it, then this is a good project to work on. Students are also accepted to the program.


You can learn more about the course HERE or click on the image below.

Lesson: Frequently Ask Questions in Tagalog

When in the Philippines, it is very common to be asked questions about you which sometimes can be annoying to some foreign people especially if it is asked on the first meeting, but it is just cultural and in no way it intends to invade your privacy. You can always choose not to answer though, but consider your tone when saying it as we say “you can always say bad things nicely”.

Lesson: How to say hello in Tagalog

Now, comes the most important part of starting a conversation with a Filipino. In any places around the country, it is always impossible not to hear these phrases upon starting a conversation. There are many ways to say your greetings in Filipino or Tagalog. Just for your awareness, combining English and Tagalog words are perfectly fine in the Philippines, so don’t be scared or feel awkward to do so.