LESSON: Tagalog Phrases to use when commuting in the Philippines

When getting around the country and to truly experience the local living, riding in a jeepney or commuting can help you save your money for other important things. Besides, it’s more fun experiencing the local living!

LESSON: Tagalog Phrases for Giving Directions

In continuation with the previous lesson, I’m giving below a short practice for you to do. Here are some useful phrases you can use to start your sentences.

Ka= You. / Pagkatapos = Then / At = And / Pagdating mo ng____ = When you get to____ / Wak=Lakad

For example, Lakad ka sa Church, pagkatapos kaliwa ka or kumaliwa ka sa ____. :)Now you can begin.

LESSON: How to Ask for Directions in Tagalog

These Tagalog phrases are very useful when you are getting around Philippines. It is also worthy to take note the Filipinos are giving directions by giving you landmarks, so look at the buildings instead of the street names. Kaliwa= Left, Kanan = Right and Diretso = straight ahead are the phrases you are most likely to expect hearing. Just a heads up…:). It helps to learn some techniques with Tagalog language for easy acquisition.

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