Don’t Love Her

Inspiration for the Week -Change

Changing the way you see things is the only way you can set yourself free from all the obligations you set yourself in. Perhaps you don’t really need to help and please someone if you are finding yourself in the same situation as the person you wanna try and please or maybe you should not worry too much about what others will say or think about you. It is no one’s business to ask you to live to their standards or expectations. You owe yourself respect and happiness and no one can ever provide that except you. When you know what makes you happy, you go for it, for this is the only reason why you want to live. And in case you are not happy yet, find your purpose in life and get inspiration from it. Change the way you see things, find good value in the things that you do and then everything else fall into place.

Every Success Starts With A Dream

Success is a fruit of everyone’s dream. Like a fruit coming to its full ripe age, success doesn’t happen in a day. It has to undergo a series of processes and what comes out of it after, is a refined product of all efforts put in, challenges overcome, and financial risks. True as it is said in the quote, courage is the fuel to all our dreams coming true for only the people with courage make it to the final destination. So dare to be bold, make your dreams a reality!