IELTS Writing Task 2 sample essay

Here is another sample IELTS Task 2 essay. Basically there is 4 paragraphs in this essay as a standard structure of IELTS namely:

Introduction ( Paraphrase of the IELTS statement and answer) Body Paragraph 1 (Main Topic 1) Body Paragraph 2 (Main Topic 2) Conclusion ( Reiteration of arguments discussed)

Simplified tips will be discussed on how to write an IELTS essay on my next post)

Some people believe that the problem of illegal drugs can be solved by just legalizing it all drugs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

A considerable number of people think that making all drugs legal can be a solution to the existing problem of prohibited drugs. I disagree with this statement because of the bad side effects of freedom in buying these products more so in terms of physical and mental health. However, legalizing all drugs can also poses a benefit to people in terms of financial savings.

To start with, legalizing drugs will give the people the freedom to buy illegal drugs that will affect the physical health of every consumer. It will be uncontrollable and many people will be enjoying the benefit of using drugs even when it is beyond the requirement of their bodies. Since drugs are legal, there is no way to control the way people use it, therefore, certain problems relating to physical health like overdose, seizure, deformities in babies cannot be avoided. In addition to this, the mental health of people is at stake. For instance, drug users will become even more dependent on drugs that in turn affect the way they think. Due to this, criminal activities will be a common scenario for people who are having hallucinations and mental breakdown.

On the other hand, legalizing drugs can benefit some people to some extent. It can save people’s time, money and effort trying to get to see a doctor from time to time even for small health problems. For example, a minor headache can be helped by taking over the counter medicines as it is allowed. This way, the patient will save avoid long queue in the hospitals and use their money for some priorities. Illegal drugs can be helpful when taken in fair amount so buying these over the counter or planting cannabis can give access to poor people’s health maintenance.

In conclusion, legalizing illegal drugs poses serious threat to people’s social and mental health when taken beyond the requirement although at some point it can save other people’s lives therefore important measures are necessary to keep the usage within the limit.

IELTS Writing Academic Task 1- Sample Essay

Here is a sample essay submitted for correction.

The diagram illustrates the procedures and materials used in making matches.

Overall, a large piece of log was being processed into several stages before a match can be formed until it is packed for packaging.

Initially, logs are peeled through the veneer and they are chopped into layers to pass through the ammonium phosphate tank. The sticks are being dried after saturation.  Then, it passes through the hopper to filter any residues with the use of a blowing machine. Additionally, once it has been filtered, it will take another process for storage that went through the metal duct.  Then after, it is placed in the inserter to attach thin layers of wood in the perforated steel belt. When it has been inserted, tips of the matchsticks are dipped to pass through chemical treatment in different tanks such as paraffin wax, based and tip chemicals. After this process, it will be delivered for drying to percolate any water based chemicals. Lastly, the matches that underwent several process will be packed in the packaging area.

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Sample Essay: UK School Spending in 1981, 1991 & 2001

The three pie charts below show the changes in annual spending by a particular UK school in 1981, 1991 and 2001.

The pie charts illustrate changes in a UK’s school expenditure further categorized into teachers’ salaries, furniture and equipment, resources, insurance and other workers’ salaries in 3 particular years mainly 1981, 1991 and 2001.

Overall, the school’s expenditure vary with each year given with a noticeable huge expense on teachers’ salaries that is common to all. While the expenditure on insurance steadily increased in the particular years, the opposite happened to the expenditure on other workers’ salaries.

Teachers’ salaries occupied the highest percentage of expenses recorded particularly in the year 1991 with 50% followed 45% in the year 2001 and the least in 1981. Other teachers’ salaries came next in the overall expenditure of a school in a decreasing trend from 28% in 1981 down to 22% in 1991 and lastly 15% in 2001 while insurance occupied the least percentage of expenditure among the four categories in an increasing manner with only 2% in 1981, 3 % in 1991 and 8% in 2001.

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