The Benefits of Learning English for Communication

We have been talking about Online business, E-learning, Blogging and Digital Marketing in the past but what is common to all of this topics? Yes- as the topic suggest, its for effective communication.

When you want to project an image online as a marketer, business entity, influencer, interviewer, applicant or seller, you need to have a good English communication skill – in writing mostly unless you do some videos in your products.

So, Why Learn English?

Learning to communicate in English is far more beneficial nowadays than in the past. From academic requirements to personality development, learning English for job hunting is the most popular reason among people I know who are struggling to land a good paying job.

Indeed English becomes the widely spoken language of instruction around the world and having said this, most students are required to take some widely know English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, OET, TOEIC and PTE. For people who are planning to study overseas especially in an English speaking countries, this must not be taken for granted and starting early on is a better option.

Further, proficiency in English helps people to present the better version of themselves. People are able to present and express themselves fluently and with clarity. Better presentation results to the development of self-confidence. Oftentimes in my experience, a good speaker does not have the best topic but a good presentation skill which leaves a good mark to the spectators only because their confidence is real and engaging. In writing, you can give your write up some confidence when your writing style. It does matter how you write. It is similar to presenting yourself in person, the only difference is you are presenting yourself through words and therefore, the words you use must have its own spirit in them.

Last and not the least, a convincing answer to the employer’s interview right at the first encounter is a great deal breaker. Learning what to say and how to say it at the right time can make the interview process a lot easier for both parties. Landing a job nowadays only takes a good oral presentation skill which covers fluency, accuracy and engagement in the interview process assuming that the applicant is already applying for that perfect job. A good spoken English is an obvious skill that anyone can have to land from a variety of jobs available online or face-to-face.

If you have any language to learn, what is the most helpful for you and why?

List of Coaching Services that are Easy to Deliver Online

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What online services can I offer to people to make money?

Are you one of a million people online now who is asking yourself what to do to make a living while being confined in the corners of your home?

I’m also writing this from my place where I am also locked up and that the only place I can go to and have a breath of fresh air is from my balcony overlooking the big blue pool and the mini park on the 6th floor of the building where I stay. It has been 65 days inside and counting.

Looking at the bright side, the good thing about being in isolation is that we have some moments to reflect about our life and what we want. Often times, we know what we want whether it’s buying a house, having a car or travel somewhere with friends or families. The problem is how are we going to have it all?

Regardless of your background, you can make money online by doing coaching services which I think a lot of people are looking at to make value for the idle time spent at home.

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Now, here are some coaching services you might want to try.

Language Teaching – consider your own native tongue. Teaching your mother tongue is the best way to go because you can do it literally without having a problem of accent or pronunciation teaching

Learning how to sing – if you love music and you think you can share it, then this is your perfect way to make some money from something you really love doing, and you’ll never get tired.

How to make candles and soaps– a very specific knowledge for specific audience, but okay, there will always be people looking for trainers. Many might know the skill but they might have no teaching ability, so if you are having the love for it, it’s going to make you happy and your pocket full.

Learning basic designing for non-designers– this is something which has a lot a demand at the minute. Online education is getting popular for many these days, and so the need for making an appealing website and blogs or social media platforms are also on the rise. Why not venture into it if you have the eye for good designs. Your skills are important, and sharing it is loving it.

Learning how to write – the same way the demand for online marketplace is on the rise, the need for good content writers are also getting much attention from entrepreneurs. So therefore, you can offer your services to targeted clients through various websites. They need people who can help them take their business to the next level, all you need to do is expose yourself and your expertise.  So if this is your passion, I would suggest you try and market yourself. You can post your profile to platforms like FIVERR, <a href="http://<a href="">Monster Canada</a>""MONSTER and other freelance sites.

There are tons of other coaching services you can offer online, it is important to start with what you already know and do.

As I do my own blogposts, I keep learning and keep believing that there is more to than just loving what I do. I see it running in the long run, this is only the beginning. From experience, I have migrated most of the classroom courses of the company where I work for into online courses and it’s working quite well for a starter. I’ll be sharing an update soon.

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Now the world is taken over by the internet that things are becoming more achievable and accessible for all. People’s lifestyle has changed drastically from personal preferences to doing business and education is also making major shifts. What was considered impossible before are now embraced by many.

Currently, COVID-19 pandemic has shifted people’s buying and learning habit. More and more people are transforming their lives through online and distance learning. Not only teachers can now teach but just anyone who has something valuable to share in solving any kinds of problem, then the idea is in. If your mind is now thinking of something to teach online, here are some tips you can consider to come up with your idea.

  • Know what skills you are good at.
  • Form and organize how you are going to teach your lesson.
  • Identify how can you deliver your talents across to someone who needs it?
  • What marketing tools are you going to use? Read my previous posts related to making and marketing your own website that you can manage from home.

You can consider having your online coaching centered on these 3 categories:

  1. Social Relations – advice and mentorship programs about your expertise
  2. Academic – formal and structured learning towards earning a certificate after successful completion.
  3. Technical – practical knowledge and step by step guide for doing something like website creation, programming and developing, photography and design, video editing and a lot more.

Anything is possible, you can make your own income and make yourself independent and free from the habit of working from morning to evening.

Equip yourself with knowledge and money will come to you in no time. Patience is virtue, so keep learning.