Books for Entrepreneurs

For most business minded people, financial literacy is King and I lack this until I began appreciating these kinds of books. The first one I’ve read is the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and it opened a whole new perspective on the way I think about money and how people in business think about money as well. From the acquired knowledge, family orientation and continuous learning from other people ahead in business, I would give these books highest appreciation.

I’m still learning, but if you already ahead, just keep reading and enjoy the process in growing your business and personal wealth and don’t forget to share what you know by writing one too!

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The Benefits of Learning English for Communication

Learning to communicate in English is far more beneficial nowadays than in the past. From academic requirements to personality development, learning English for job hunting is the most popular reason among people I know who are struggling to land a good paying job. Indeed English becomes the widely spoken language of instruction around the world… More

Seeing The Year 2020 From Beyond

How was your 2020? Indeed the year 2020 is a string of avalanche for most people here and beyond, from the snowy mountains in the Alps to the deserted islands and the tropical. We have witnessed how global warming hit and resulted to bushfires in Australia, floods that ravaged the countries in Asia due to… More