Seeing The Year 2020 From Beyond

How was your 2020?

Indeed the year 2020 is a string of avalanche for most people here and beyond, from the snowy mountains in the Alps to the deserted islands and the tropical.

We have witnessed how global warming hit and resulted to bushfires in Australia, floods that ravaged the countries in Asia due to typhoons, the sudden loss of significant people in history like Kobe, the massive destruction caused by an explosion in Beirut, the cry for racial discrimination everywhere and the declining economy far and wide caused by the Coronavirus, in which the long battle is not yet over, and many more.

In one way or another, these have affected us all tremendously from the social, economic, political and spiritual point of views.

Having been locked up for half a year is no joke especially for someone who is driven by the energy of seeing the outside world and meeting people. I have known many who have not seen the sun or felt its warm rays on their skin, some people who are just new to the city where they work even forgot how their neighborhood looks like after nine months seeing only the four corners of their room. Sad.

Some people losing their jobs when they need it most seemed like a dead end and for employers closing down businesses is devastating and heartbreaking. No one is ahead than the other.

Around the world, many nations have cried for help from others who are in a better position. Trading was made possible that paved the way for those countries with better economies rose to even better positions in the world market.

Looking at the individual’s perspective, many people have suffered depression due to loneliness and hopelessness. Some could not bear the pressure and gave in.

DEPRESSION is real, but so is HOPE.

As we move forward to YEAR 2021, let’s see things in a different perspective. I chose to be positive as it is the only way to get over everything. It’s never too late to start all over again.

So, how can you BEAT THE ODDS?

  1. Remember that you are not alone. When you feel depressed, remember that many people are feeling the same. The solution to every problem lies in your attitude, so think of what you have and make use of it. Focus your energy dealing with the solution rather than the problem.
  2. Use your alone or me time to gather your thoughts and plan your ideas into action. Having an alone time is the best time when you can plan your next move. Instead of watching movies or playing games, allot a time to do your brainstorming for what you are going to do next. A quiet time is the best time to reflect on yourself and what you want to do and achieve in life
  3. Bear in mind that for every bad thing, lies a good thing. Often times, when bad things happen, people focus on it more than what’s in it. Don’t focus on the negative things, instead focus on what is not seen on the other side of it. Things are all interconnected, for sure there’s something you can take advantage of the situation like how you can solve a problem caused by the situation to a lot of people. See this as an opportunity and take your chance without giving up easily. Jack Ma of Ali baba once said ” If you don’t give up, you still have a chance” so, don’t give up and get started.
  4. Learn a skill to make a living or start a living. Your choice. If you think you have the drive but lack the skill to carry out what you want, invest on it, some are even free, only your time and efforts are the key. Many skills are highly paid online like coaching, bookkeeping, digital marketing, copy writing, teaching and the likes. Choose one that interests you and get on with it. Once you are skillful enough, you can work for someone or start sharing your knowledge for a fee. The choice is yours.
  5. Practice healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means eating real food not junk foods, finding balance between work and personal things, exercising, serving others and for some even praying regularly. Be disciplined enough to do it, it’s a sort of practice when you venture into the unknown.
  6. Think like an investor. – If you have been working before on a project and not getting the results you wanted, maybe its time to take a different approach. Learn from your mistakes. Think of how you can double the same amount of money rather than how you can stretch it to sustain your living. Learn to invest instead of saving. Take calculated risks and equip yourself with the knowledge before you dig into it. Don’t work for money, let money do the work for you.
  7. Learn from others. Don’t be too proud to ask opinions of others who are better than you are, for sure, they know something that you don’t. Wisdom is the key to being successful. You can read about others through books, documentaries, news, interviews or simply by just talking to strangers. Be open and think out of the box.
  8. Focus on your project or goal. Whether is self-improvement or a journey to building your empire, you must stand the challenges and never get distracted. Focus only one and work on it, it won’t be easy in the beginning but it’s worth it, take it from me this time.

Wishing you the best of 2021! Keep going!

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