Ketogenic Diet -How Far Can You Go?

I always admire people who can stick to their diet plan and achieve their goals. I tried Keto Diet for 10 days but I couldn’t maintain it because I always get hungry :(. Anyway, I didn’t have a pure plan apart from losing weight. I was 55 Kg. and I wanted to lose couple of kilos. .I admit that I did not pursue it but luckily, I’ve maintained my weight until now, after 2 years.

Without mention, Ketogenic diet is very popular among people nowadays. This very low carb high fat diet is very effective if taken seriously in just a matter of 10 days.

I am speaking from a friend’s journey into Ketogenic Diet. In a matter of 6 months, she lost about 20Kgs and that is an average of 3.3 kilograms in a month!

The reasons why she wanted to lose weight are mainly the following:

  1. She was trying to get pregnant at the age of 35 – and it worked! So if you think you are also looking at conceiving soon and you think that your weight is the main reason why you cannot do it, I think Keto diet is a must try. Make sure that you stay healthy and because at this age, pregnancy is quite hard to achieve naturally. But with a friend’s case, it was very effective.
  2. She used to be thin and she believes that she can still get her body back to the way it was and with determination and discipline, it was made possible in few months.
  3. She wanted to look better. Of course, who wouldn’t be? Ketogenic diet is a selective diet because you need to be very careful of eating foods rich in carbohydrates because your aim is to put your body into ketosis – a process where your body gets its energy from fats instead of carbohydrates.

Her story is inspiring for women who want to conceive at a later age and who have problem with obesity. It is worth trying but also requires determination and commitment.

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