Digital Products That Make Money


Much of people’s knowledge is taken online. Google plays a major role for sharing of information being the go to search engine for most including myself.  Every time someone wants to buy something online, they say “google it” and it will give you an array of choices.  What information do you need? Because most likely if you need it, there must be someone who also knows it or you might know it and someone out there must need it. The best thing you can do is to let people know what you got. You can sell things online through your website. Learn more how to create an online store here.

Going forward, here are some in demand digital products that people need and that you might consider selling.

  • e-Books
  • Designs- Logo, banners, advertisements
  • Photos – people, places, things, architectures or anything you like. Check out these websites where you can sell your photos-
  • Anything goes – programs, apps, games , essays, songs, poems

There are ways how you can make your ideas come to life and put value for those who need it. You don’t necessarily have to do it all alone by yourself if you wish, and if your budget permits. There are ways you can make things easier for you with the help of virtual assistants. You can hire virtual assistants here.


Let me start about e-Books and why should you consider selling it too! In one of the courses I attended, the speaker said that anyone who can write a sentence can write an e-Book and you don’t even need to be a writer to write it. You only need to be yourself and must be confident about what you are about to share in a way people will understand. So, you too can make your e-Book fast and easy with these simple steps. You can find out about the course HERE if you are thinking of writing your own book.

Click HERE to learn more

So why e-Books?

  1. Writing e-Books require less financial investment or none at all. You only need internet, a computer and a will to share what you know from your heart.
  2. e-Books are widely used around the world and easy to sell with the right targets. Your skill in digital marketing will work wonders to your sales if you apply it correctly. Of course some technical knowledge with SEO is an advantage.
  3. e-Books are not bulky as you can distribute it easily via email, downloads or links. You save time, money and effort going to the the post office or any courier companies.
  4. You do not need a publisher to publish your e-Book at least if you want to start small without capital. You can opt for self publishing via AMAZON Kindle and choose the right path for you or you can even make your own website and promote it from there. You can start your journey as an author in here. A piece of advice would be “maintain high quality content” because there are many authors out there as well, why would clients choose your book instead?
  5. You can hire help of editors, designers and proofreaders easily via some online platforms like FIVERR and FREELANCER which is anywhere around the world and for a per hour or project basis only.

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