Countries with a long average working time are more economically successful than those countries which do not have a long working time.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is said that nations with longer schedules of work are geared towards having more success in terms of economy compared to countries which have shorter working hours. I think that working longer than normal gives people a lot of opportunities to invite financial gains and comfortable lifestyle however I also believe that at some point it can also deplete an individual’s capacity to become more productive in the society.

Working longer than usual provides an avenue for a person to have better income. Some work longer due to additional pay given by employers for some extra jobs beyond the normal routine. In addition, spending a lot of time at work will also pave way for the person to be recognized by the company which can be shown through monetary rewards. Thus, the individual becomes more productive member of the society solely be becoming a tax payer.

Spending much time at work in many countries also is a sign of having a good economic standing. The workers who are actively participating in company related activities have been trained to become independent, actively seeking more ways to improve themselves for their own benefit. For instance, a person who is motivated to do things beyond what is assigned will be reaping more rewards like promotion or cash incentive. These sort benefits help the individual’s financial status enabling a better lifestyle through acquiring properties like a comfortable home,  luxurious cars or health insurance that cuts a big bulk on the cost of living.

Although working longer can give a person a good income and comfortable lifestyle, it can also deplete the worker’s energy which can affect the work performance and lessen productivity and efficacy. In effect, the persons poor financial status hinders the capacity of paying dues to the government.

In conclusion, working longer has both its benefits and consequences to the workers of a country. If there is balance between the two, economic success is not hard to attain for the country and the citizen.

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