Lesson: How to greet someone in Tagalog

When talking to a Filipino, it is always appreciated if you know how to open a conversation with a positive word, in this case, a greeting. Whether you are talking with colleagues, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, your spouse or family members, remember that Filipinos\ heart are easily melted with your effort to communicate, how sweet eh?

Tagalog Lessons

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Lesson 1: The FILIPINO Alphabet.

When you are learning Tagalog, the very first thing you need to familiarize yourself with is the Filipino Alphabet. You must have to have a good knowledge of the alphabet in order for you to say the right words. Filipino words are said as it is written, most of the time at least. So let us begin.

The Filipino alphabet is is composed of VOWELS and CONSONANTS. Get yourself familiarize with it as it will be helpful in our next lesson.

Listen to the pronunciation of the Filipino alphabet below.

Welcome to my Filipino or “Tagalog” Learning Page

I speak Filipino or commonly known as Tagalog. It is the official language of the Philippines followed by English. We have over 170 local languages within the country but English is widely spoken although a fair percentage of the population in the rural areas cannot speak conversational English.

If you are someone looking for some help with your Tagalog or Filipino language, then you have come to the right place. I will try to make each lesson as short as possible so it is easy to remember and easy to say. My goal here is to offer some techniques on how to understand and speak the language. Filipino is a complex language so I think learning it by level is a good way to start.

Be aware that Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands and having said it, the language is also complex as some words and word structure also changes. However, I will only focus on what is our national language ‘FILIPINO’ as my point of reference in my teaching. Feel free to comment, suggest or add some useful information for all. Cheers!

Welcome to my English Page

Over the years of my teaching English, I have discovered some techniques on how to learn it much less teach it better having experienced it as a non-native English speaker.

True enough, English is our second language in the Philippines, yet we aren’t native speakers so we always make mistakes most of the time in these two areas:

  1. Collocations – as non-native speaker of English, we make a mistake of using collocations in a different context. Collocations to make it simple, are words or phrases that go together that carry a certain meaning and they are topical words in a way. For native speakers, they just sound natural, whereas for non-native speakers they might sound grammatically incorrect at times.
  2. Grammar – I have observed through dealings with native speakers that non-native speakers are more critical with English grammar and that includes myself as well. However native speakers would just shrug it off and they also make a mistake. In my observation, English grammar rules is taken seriously by non-native speakers in the same manner as Filipino language grammar is taken seriously by non-native speakers.

These observations led me to an opinion that collocations can be best learned through interaction with native speakers or those with excellent command of the English language. Grammar is an important aspect of language acquisition but should be taught creatively considering the student’s mother tongue as the grammar structure of every language varies.


The pie chart presents several major factors that result to a less productive agricultural land while the table displays the how the 3 major regions contribute these worldwide causes within the 1990s.

Overall, over-grazing as one of the main causes why agricultural field is unable to yield good results occupied the largest percentage while other factors aside from deforestation and over-cultivation had the least percentage. Among the 3 regions, Europe has the highest total percentage of land degraded which consists deforestation, over-cultivation, and over-grazing, while North America has the lowest total percentage.

Globally, over-grazing contributes the highest percentage from three regions, namely; North America, Europe and Oceania. In terms of this cause, Oceania shares the largest percentage that makes most of 35%. Second and third are deforestation and over-cultivation. Based on the three said regions, Europe has the biggest contributions that cover most of the 30% for the former and 28% for the latter. However, there are still other factors aside from these three worldwide causes of land degradation.

Failure is equal to Success and Faith determines it.

Failure is equal to success and the process along the road determines it. Failing is not a bad thing. It is a great opportunity to refresh your mind and reset your actions. If thing didn’t work out the first time, try again, if it did not work out the second time, try again with some changes and if it still didn’t work out the third time, try a new path and learn from what changed and what did not and you have a solid knowledge from your past to make use in the future. There is always something from what you are making, believing in it is good enough to start better.

Real strength comes from faith

Faith is believing in what we do not see and the source of all strength. People from all walks of life regardless of what they believe in, what status they hold in the society and what they have when faced under trial, the thing that set them apart from the rest is how they never stop believing that they can achieve better and go further in life.

A person’s will is tested through challenging situations and those who become successful are those who do not stop believing in what they can do and for those who believe in them it might be just one person amongst many. Many times, the most successful ones are those who have experienced the deepest sorrow, the most painful experience and extreme pressures and yet, survived, and better, lived the life of caution and lessons.

Films and games can be accessed at anytime from mobile devices, like smart phones tablets and laptop computers. Do the advantages of such developments outweigh the disadvantages?

Mobile gadgets like smart phones, tablets and laptops have paved the way for films and games to be easily accessible to many. Although this development brought enough advantages to the people, there are far more disadvantages that await the users.

Firstly, although the easy access of films and games bring about easy entertainment to people, the corresponding disadvantages are much higher in terms of their social relationships to people around them. For instance, the accessibility of the films and games divide the attention of users which sometimes limit them to interact with the people around especially to the family members. The bond within the family members starts to fade that leads to arguments and misunderstandings.  In some cases, users of these mobile devices are more concentrated on their mobile activities that often neglect the presence of the people thus, resulting to estranged feeling and lack of belongingness and depression on the part of the receiving person.

Secondly, the availability of games and films can promote mental alertness through  its mind cracking games and puzzling effect of the movies that glued people to stare at their mobiles. On the contrary, it is more disadvantageous in terms of physical health. For example, too much exposure to the mobile devices’  screen will harm the eyes due to the radiation that the devices emit.  In addition, physical posture of a person is also at stake given that when playing and watching movies. The user can barely even walk due to concentration. Less movement weakens the muscle and affect the overall body movement and posture. Back pains and leg cramps are one of the examples of the results of too much less a movement.

In conclusion, although getting easy access to entertainment like films and games through mobiles are helpful, it can pose high risks in the persons health. So therefore, the disadvantages having this kind of privilege outweigh its  advantages.

Every Success Starts With A Dream

Success is a fruit of everyone’s dream. Like a fruit coming to its full ripe age, success doesn’t happen in a day. It has to undergo a series of processes and what comes out of it after, is a refined product of all efforts put in, challenges overcome, and financial risks. True as it is said in the quote, courage is the fuel to all our dreams coming true for only the people with courage make it to the final destination. So dare to be bold, make your dreams a reality!